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2021.12.01 Congratulations to Yuyi for winning the National Postgraduate Scholarship(研究生国家奖学金) and the Outstanding Student Honor of the University(校优秀学生荣誉).

2021.09.02 Our new work entitled "Evolution of the Topological Energy Band in Graphene Nanoribbons" has been just published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry.

2021.09.01 We welcome Fengru and Zhiwen, who join our group as graduates!

2021.07.23 Our UHV-SPM system is under active construction. It is named "芥子" or mustard in English. The name comes from an ancient Buddhist texts "纳须弥于芥子", which means putting the moutain inside a mustard seads. We notice "there is plenty of room at the bottom".

2021.04.19-2021.04.22 We are in ZhuHai GuangDong to attend THE 32ND CSS CONGRESS!

2021.03.05 We are happy to launch our group website Great job, Hao!

2020.09.08 We welcome Yuyi and Hao, who join our group as the first graduates!